Mentoring Program

Mentoring Program

Intuitive serves as a resource of inspiration to individuals who are failing in school, have low self esteem, have social deficiencies, or may experience trauma outside their families’ value systems. Our goal is to provide these individuals with an additional stable adult figure in their lives. The presence of a caring mentor has been shown to provide support, boost self-esteem, assist in enhancing social skills, and help the customer acquire a greater commitment to academic success.

Mentee Eligibility Requirements:

A mentee must:

Be 10-21 years old
Be male of female
Reside in the servicing areas
Demonstrate a desire to participate in the program
Be able to obtain parental/guardian permission to participate
Agree to a one-year commitment to the program
Commit to spending a minimum of one hour a week with the mentor
Complete the screening procedure
Abide all Intuitive Policy and Procedures

At minimum, the following screening procedures are required for mentor and mentee applicants. Program staff must ensure that each applicant completes these established minimum screening procedures.

Mentee Screening Procedures

Complete parent/guardian written intake

Complete parent/guardian in person intake

The program coordinator has final approval for an applicant’s acceptance into the program. The administration of Intuitive reserves the right to reject mentor applicants for any reason or concern, including those not listed in the aforementioned eligibility requirements, without detailing those reasons. All mentors will need to meet the eligibility criteria. However, under extenuating circumstances, these criteria may be relaxed at the discretion of the program coordinator. Documentation of intake and screenings are in confidential files.